One on One

My promise is to hold space for you. To ease the awakening process, to find your deepest truth and most importantly to be with you on your journey.

Our main goal for these sessions is integration. Allowing the parts of you to fully merge into the wholeness that you are. I will meet you with understanding, love and eternal acceptance. I will dive deep into your subconscious, your shadow, your challenges and obstacles. I will give you the tools and information necessary to move you through your awakening, and your journey in a healthy and integrative way.

I offer remote sessions that are tailored to your needs via

  • Skype video call

  • Whatsapp phone call

  • E-mail

If a 2 hour session is desired, please book twice. I prefer introductory sessions to be of this length as it allows for more integration, depth and relaxation of the nervous system.

Once your session is booked I will contact you directly. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to message me. I look forward to meeting you.