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Empathically guided sessions are a safe space for you to verbally and somatically process that which is arising for you at this time. These are to ease the awakening process, to find courses of actions and what you need, but most importantly to be with you on your journey, however way you are showing up.

I offer in-person and remote sessions that are tailored to your needs via:

  • Skype video call

  • Whatsapp phone call

  • At my residency in Asheville, NC


Once your session is booked I will contact you directly. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to message me. I look forward to meeting you.

Dates that I will be Gone: October 4th-October 11th

To purchase a session


You can also book through Venmo (@soulftul toz)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Session look like?

They begin with a questionnaire to better assess what difficulties you are facing and what direction to go in. We will begin with a guided meditation or a grounding technique. My sessions are emotionally and somatically based so we will have multiple check-ins to assess any triggers or parts showing up. They are empathically guided to the individual. I will alternate between guidance and/or just witnessing depending on what you need at the time. Any intuitive hits that I receive during the session will also be offered. The more raw and authentic we can both be, the more we can shift. I will offer any advice that is prompted but this is mainly about you exploring your inner world. Afterwards I will send you an e-mail with a tarot reading and to follow up with you.

What kinds of things might come up for me during a session?

Anything and all things are welcome. Any state of emotional being that you show up with is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. This space can be very energetically charged and can sometimes ‘bring up’ layers that need to be looked at. I work with everything from verbal processing and just having space to unload, all the way to deep subconscious work. My goal is to meet your needs, to guide you towards integration.

What tools do you use?

The ones I find using the most are : Somatic re-wiring, shadow (subconscious) healing, energy work, de-constructing limiting beliefs, fragmentation & parts work, internal inquiry, projection exercises, and re-wiring the nervous system by feeling everything that comes up in this space.

What if I can’t afford a session?

I am now offering a ‘donation based day’ one or two times a month with slots available.