"When we think of spiritually awakening, we imagine it to be filled with love, laughter and periods of bliss. The reality is a lot harder and darker. It can feel like your own personal hell at times. We all need someone to help us navigate through these turbulent shifts. To guide us through the spiritual and subconscious worlds within us that are trying to emerge. The end result is the most authentic version of you. Who your soul came on this earth to be. That is who you are destined to become"

Let me help you. 


My Mission

Is to allow you to bloom. To bring abstract spiritual concepts into grounded earthly actions. To guide you towards your own mechanisms of internal healing. And above all, to meet you with love, warmth and compassion.


The way to get there


Shadow Work

“Suppressing an emotion is a sure way of carrying it with you”

All emotions want, is to be accepted for what they are. Venturing into our shadow may be daunting, challenging and down right frightening but it is our biggest catalyst for lasting change. Darkness ceases to be light by the act of looking at it. Let’s dive and observe. Let’s learn from the parts of us that we want to banish and finally hear what they have to say.

Self Compassion

Moving into our physical bodies means we are no longer able to ignore our deepest needs. This is the process by which we become the parent we always wanted. We develop the tools to create boundaries, communicate our truth, and self soothe when our fragmented aspects comes up to heal. We allow all feelings and thoughts. We allow the process of awakening and integration to take place with softness and tenderness.




Now we shift. We shift and allow the metamorphosis to happen. We begin to follow our joy and call back our power. We create the space for our spirit and our emotions as we design the lives we want to lead. Our inner calling and purpose is leading us somewhere great. We will listen and follow. We get creative, make the challenging steps forward and manifest our deepest desires. Allowing our divine spiritual selves to move into our human life. We become whole.

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Work With Me

Let me be your witness.


One on One

Book individual sessions with me. Let’s open a space for you to grow. To confront internal conflicts, discover your truth and develop heart centered consciousness.


The Soulful Rise

This is a 2 month program developed specifically for you to dive through all the layers of the self and allow the deepest and truest part of you to bloom.


Emotional Release Bodywork

Coming Soon

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I am on my way to learn the art of emotional release bodywork.  I would love your help to get me there.  


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