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When we think of spiritually awakening, we imagine it to be filled with love, laughter and periods of bliss. The reality is a lot harder and darker. It can feel like your own personal hell at times. 

We all need someone to help us navigate through these turbulent shifts. To guide us through the spiritual and subconscious worlds within us that are trying to emerge.

The end result is the most authentic version of you. Who your soul came on this earth to be.

That is who you are destined to become


My Mission

As we all awaken, we will be faced with deep turmoil as we set forth to be the light bearers of the world. As an empathic healer, my mission is to guide, to witness and to hold space for all collective trauma. At last, we shall return to the truth of who we came here to be.


The way to get there

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Discovering our unhealed parts

All emotions want, is to be accepted for what they are. Venturing into our shadow may be daunting, challenging and down right frightening but it is our biggest catalyst for lasting change. Darkness ceases to be light by the act of looking at it. Let’s dive and observe. Let’s use triggers and somatic spark’s to allow our bodies to show us what is unhealed. Let’s learn from the parts of us that we want to banish and finally hear what they have to say. They will show us the way.

Somatic Re-wiring

This is the process by which we tune into what our bodies are showing us is here and now. When given sacred space and with the safety of a witness, all the soul wants to do is to guide you towards wholeness. Through breathe, awareness and curiosity we can feel what needs to be felt. We can allow our cells & tissues to purge, to express, to provide understanding. Within each block or layer lies a mystery that we can de-code, giving rise to the treasures that lie within the pain itself. Our wounded parts have never gotten their needs met properly. Allowing our nervous system’s to take in the needed experiences in a safe way, we change the patterning and re-wire.

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Opening of the Heart

Now we transform. We re-experience the safety of coming back into our bodies. We allow the process of awakening and integration to take place with softness and tenderness. We develop the tools to create boundaries, communicate our truth, regulate ourselves as well as learn to co-regulate with others. We begin to follow our joy and call back our power. We return to secure attachments, and create lasting deep connections. Putting together all our shattered pieces, our somatic experience heals permanently. When each barrier to our heart space melts, we invite our higher selves to move deeper into our physical vessel. Instead of the constriction of our trauma, we experience spaces opening up. Spaces that are to be inhabited by life itself. We return to being WHOLE.

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