Emotional Release Bodywork


Our bodies never forget.

For many of us, the idea that your body can hold the memories, feelings, and traumas of the past is inconceivable.

However, throughout my healing journey, I began understanding that my body was not my enemy. All of my stockpiled anxiety, depression, anger and PTSD symptoms were not just out to get me. I understood that my body was trying to allow these undigested pains of the past to resurface and to finally integrate within my being. Ever since then, I have understood that talk therapy can only ever get you so far. To find substantial and permanent change I would have to re-wire my nervous system and feel the feelings that had been trapped within my cellular memory and my tissues. Our bodies want us to become whole. This therapy allows us to do just that.

This practice works by opening doorways and points along the body that are ‘holding’ various emotions that you were not able to complete throughout your lifetime. Using the Amanae technique in combination with inner child work we allow any and all emotions to arise, to be seen and to be felt. We re-discover the parts of us that have been shut down by deeply held fear, anger and trauma. We learn to love the parts of us that have felt broken. We find new spaces within us to enjoy life. We Heal.

I am currently enrolled in Pat Jackman’s Emotional release therapy school in Sebastapol, California. I am now offering training sessions within my residency in Asheville, NC.

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