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Let me be your witness.

Empathic Guidance

One-on-one sessions

Emotional Release Therapy

Bodywork sessions

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 Are you under financial pressure, which the awakening can often times put you under? Do you want to book a session with me, but don’t have the means to pay for one?

This day is for you.

Book either an emotional release therapy session, or an online one-to one session without even having to pay. I will be giving two donation days a month.

Donation Day: August 29th & September 13th

In order for there to be an energetic exchange, all you have to do is give something. And that something is completely up to you. You can even let your own intuition guide you towards what you may want to give.

Ideas include: cash or paid donation through Venmo or Paypal, a handwritten letter, a piece of art, a book you love, a home cooked meal, some flowers, a drawing, baked goods, a gift of any kind, a trade (one modality for another).

To book, please contact me to discuss availability and trades.