Soulful Rise

Work with me, one on one, for the next two months. This is where you will be challenged, you will grow, and you will be transformed.

What will be Included

  • Weekly Skype sessions

  • E-mail and texting support

  • Personalized tools and homework for you to implement in your life

What we will be focusing on

  • Submerging and integrating your shadow

  • Healing past trauma and moving through current blockages

  • Re-connecting with your physical and emotional bodies

  • Discovering your inner child and connecting with your innocence

  • Re-discovering your truth and authenticity

  • Embodying your masculine or feminine essence

  • Putting self love into action

  • Connecting with your divinity and strengthening your intuition

  • Strategizing a plan to allow you to grow and blossom out of the ‘stuck zone’

  • Creating your vision and manifesting the life you came here to live