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For many of us, the idea that your body can hold the memories, feelings, and traumas of the past is inconceivable.

The truth is; our bodies never forget.

In fact, it is constantly trying to speak to us, calling us down. Through depression, anger, panic attacks, PTSD, illnesses, pain, etc. Always attempting for us to meet it, to feel it and to integrate it.

When I first began receiving this work, I began to find hope for the first time in my life. I had always thought that my body was my enemy. I had incredible amounts of triggers on a day to day basis and had no courage to communicate this to others. When I received my first session, I cried and screamed in a way that I had never done before. Let alone in the presence of an empathic witness. I couldn’t believe that each time I got back on the table I was, and am, continuously shown a missing piece to my puzzle. This work has been saving my life since the beginning. I am honored to have been trained by Pat Jackman and to be taking this modality out into the world.

Talking therapy can only ever get you so far. To find substantial and permanent change we need to re-wire our nervous systems and feel the feelings that have been trapped within our cellular memory and our tissues. Our bodies want us to become whole. This therapy allows us to do just that.

Sessions are performed in my residency in Asheville, North Carolina. I can perform house calls for additional charge. Once a session is booked I will contact you directly.

Dates that I will be Gone: August 18th - 26th

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Prior to a session I urge you to watch one of these videos to get a feel for it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What IS the work?

This practice works by opening doorways and points along the body. Feelings, memories, thoughts, fragmented aspects of your subconscious or inner children may start to appear. They can show up in various ways and can sometimes be extremely vivid and visual or sometimes purely physical. Through exploring whatever arises, we begin to feel the unfinished cellular debris that has been trapped within us. We get to see what is subconsciously running the show. We may be given understandings of beliefs that we have been holding onto, lean into deep emotional wounds or just have physical and nervous system releases. Using the Amanae technique in combination with various other modalities like inner child work. Once these feelings are brought to the surface, we are able to finally feel it and let it go. An important part of this work is to give these burdened parts what they need. With this we allow deep lasting healing as the body begins to integrate the experience that was necessary for the completion of the cycle.

What if nothing happens?

There is honestly no wrong way to do this. What makes the biggest difference is staying with the breath and being present. Anything that happens after that is exactly what needs to happen. Even if your body is showing you the ways in which you feel nothing or shut down and disassociate. Everything that shows up is valid.

Is this a massage?

No it is not. It is hands on as we activate points throughout the body but it is not a modality that is received. ERT requires active participation. I will hold the space for you and guide you there, but it is up to you to have a desire to get curious enough to let your body do what it naturally does. The wonderful thing about this work is that the body begins to take over and will organically know what to do to release. It will also never show you anything that you are not ready to handle. Trusting the bodies wisdom is key.

Does it hurt?

Yes and no. Depending on how much you have had to hold feelings in, with no safe space to ever get vulnerable, the more it can hurt. Pain is always an indicator that we are holding stuff and as you continue with the work you will begin to notice points that once held pain now feel blissful.

What does a release look like?

It can honestly look like everything and anything. Some of these things include; shaking, crying, cursing, screaming, groaning, yelling, anger, frustration, sobbing, nervous system tremors, sweating, anger or no emotion whatsoever. Going into the session with no expectations is key. It will look like whatever it needs to.

What if I can’t afford a session?

I am now offering a ‘donation based day’ one or two times a month with slots available.

Do you offer workshops?

I am in the process of training to be a workshop facilitator. I along with the rest of the ERT team will be offering workshops in different locations next year. If you truly want to become familiar with the work and dive deep, I highly recommend Pat Jackman’s workshops. She has been my teacher and mentor and has mastered the art of opening hearts with her raw authenticity. She is located in Sebastapol, California.

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What if I don’t live near you and want a session?

Many people have chosen to visit Asheville as there are many Air BnB’s right near my residency and stay to get the work for a number of days in a row. Another option is for me to take the work to your location. There is no house call fee, however return ticket from Charlotte or AVL will need to be purchased. Once there, I will be able to perform sessions (if you have a massage table). It is best to do all sessions in one residency as I will usually get an Air BnB’s nearby. I will perform 4 sessions a day for minimum of two days. Contact me for further inquiries.