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My name is Laura Torres.

I grew up throughout the lands of Ireland, Spain and the United States; feeling alone, separate and scared. I spent most of my life knowing that something profoundly true was missing from my life. That truth was connection, connection with Source, with myself and with those around me. I tailored myself to conform to society, gaining a bachelors degree in Science and zoology, embedding myself in relationship after relationship, finding solace in bad habits and pretending exquisitely that i was happy. I battled with depression and anxiety, living in constant fear of myself and my emotions. I believed I was the enemy, that my body was against me, and deep down, I hated myself.

Then one day, it all changed. At 25 years old I had a profound Spiritual Awakening on June 21st of 2015. Four months later, my Kundalini arose and I was left in what some would call a physical, emotional and spiritual crisis. Every pocket of undigested pain within my body was unleashed. Along with an array of ever changing physical symptoms that left me bed bound for months. For the first time in my life, I was re-connecting with who I was. It wasn’t always pretty. I wished someone had the knowledge, understanding and love to guide me through the process. To show me that spirituality isn’t about disconnecting with being human and becoming ‘spiritual’, but that it is about integrating every ‘ugly’ aspect of yourself and meeting it with acceptance.

Now, finally grasping what has happened (and is continuing), my mission is to share my journey as it unfolds and to help souls transform their lives as I learn to transform mine. To reach those who are in the throes of any type of awakening or healing crisis. To make them feel less alone, and to help guide those through this messy transition. 

I currently reside in Asheville, North Carolina. Expressing my spiritual downloads through Youtube. Holding space as an empathic guide. Re-wiring trauma as an emotional release bodyworker. Navigating a divine partnership and forever scribbling in journals.